Sacred Smudge Rituals

And How to Use Them

Smudging is a powerful ceremony where you light medicinal and sacred plants to cleanse your body, mind and spirit and to empower good vibes.

 Aromen brings ancient traditional herbs to your home to deepen your meditation or just simply reconnect with nature and your true self. 

Find out which Smudge stick resonates with you

Shasta sage smudge - for a feminine, soft atmosphere while cleansing negativity. Acceptance - Peace of Mind. 

White sage smudge - Healing herb to purify the air, body - mind and soul. Relaxation - Balance - Deep spiritual practice. 

White sage with dragon blood - Protection, powerful cleansing, sensual and loving atmosphere 

White sage with eucalyptus - Purification - Empowering - Supports breathing exercises 

White sage with cinnamon - Uplifting - Aphrodisiac - Warming - Vitalising - To support manifestations 

White sage with rosemary - Energising - Invigorating - Transform dreams into action 

White sage with rose petals - Love - Compassion - Emotional Balance - Tranquility 

- Immunity - Cleansing - Balancing - Deep meditation - Connect to your inner self 

Cedar smudge - Positivity - Refreshing - Revitalising - Tranquility

Juniper smudge - Deep cleansing - Emotional & Mental clarity - Uplifting - Reduces stress & anxiety - Intuition - Protection - Harmony 

All of our White sage and sacred herbs are harvested with respect and in collaboration with the indigenous people. 

Aromen remains committed to bringing you the most authentic, natural ingredients with respect for both nature and people.

Incense Accessories 

Incense Burner

Add authenticity to your rituals by using this high-quality nickel incense burner with handle. It’s a beautiful decoration piece in your home.

The whimsical smoke trail creates a mystical depth to your smoke rituals. 

ca. 24 cm, 9 cm Ø

Find out which smoke boxes you can use for this burner. 

Abalone smudge shell

Abalone shells have been used as a ritual tool for centuries. This ‘Mother-of-Pearl’ is found in different parts and cultures around the world. Once home to sea snails, the shells are now the perfect tool to burn incense.

Pour some sand in the shell to place your charcoal or your smudge stick. Use the sand to extinguish the incense or to adjust the intensity. 

The abalone shell has a lot of symbolic meanings: protection, increases harmony and connection, the spiritual power of women, a symbol of water, a symbol of calm.

How to Smudge

"I live in harmony of mind, body, and spirit."

  • Hold the smudge stick on one end and hold it in an angle of 45 degrees downwards. 

  • Light it and let it burn for a few seconds. Hold it upright and blow out the flames. The smoke will start spreading. 

Make sure you have sand and water nearby for safety. 

Don’t inhale the smoke directly. Use a fan or a feather to wave the smoke into the room. It’s best to open a window to let the smoke leave the room. 

To stop the smudging ritual, simply place it on sand until the smoke stops.

Enjoy the Special Atmosphere Smudge Rituals Create for You! 

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