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Spring Inspiration

Natural ways to feel Frisky as a Lamb!

Nature shows us what to do. Now is the perfect time to do a gentle detox. A lot of spring flowers can be used to cleanse our body. This will energize and rejuvenate our minds and body to start the more active season!

Hydrosol Detox Recipe 

Spring is the season when the liver needs some extra support to make us feel fit and energized. Any good detox takes around 3 weeks to reach the desired effect.

          Add 50 ml of Peppermint Hydrosol to 1 Liter water.

Drink this mixture for three weeks to detox your liver and your colon. You’ll see your skin clear up and you’ll feel as frisky as a spring lamb. Bonus is the refreshing and uplifting taste of this wonderful hydrosol.

Energizing Essential Oil Blends 

Good Morning  

Good morning is a fresh blend that will give you an instant feeling of happiness. The combination of bubbly lemon, orange and mandarin with the fresh, herbal peppermint is the perfect start to your day and a new chapter in life! 

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Spring Meadow 

Spring Meadow represents all the fun parts of spring. The citrus, herbal and woody notes celebrate the first sun, the green life pushing through and the energy to explore! 

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The Power of Scrubs

A weekly scrub removes dead skin cells and sebum or pollution buildup. Rejuvenating your skin will soon become a relaxing new weekly ritual once you see how fresh and bright your skin will shine. 

Try our Soft as Silk Experience box to give yourself a luxury scrub treatment. What to expect? 

  • a silk scrub glove to deep clean your body once a week 

  • Rhassoul clay to nourish, cleanse and remineralise your skin

  • Orangeflower hydrosol as a tonic to refresh, calm and soften your skin

  • Organic argan oil for a complete hyhdration

Once you’ve tried this self-care ritual, you’ll be hooked!

Enjoy Spring! 
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