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Cedar smudge

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    Aromen’s Ceder Smudge werkt perfect om uw ruimtes te reinigen en de lucht te zuiveren. Verwelkom de positieve energie die deze warme, zoete en houtachtige rook met zich meebrengt. Deze smudge werkt verfrissend en revitaliseert uw lichaam, geest en ziel. 

    Introducing the Cedar Smudge, a natural and effective way to cleanse your space and purify the air. Made from 100% pure cedar, this smudge stick is perfect for eliminating negative energy and promoting positivity. The warm, sweet, woody aroma of cedar will refresh and reivitalise your body, mind and spirit. Its spiritual benefits are believed to promote peaceful thoughts and help us attain the tranquility necessary to receive messages from within. Each smudge stick is handcrafted with care to ensure the highest quality and effectiveness. Try the Cedar Smudge today and experience the transformative power of nature.

    Size: ±10-11cm; ±25-35g