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Cedar atlas - 100ml (BIO)

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Volume : 100ml
Scent Group : Woody
Good For : Relax, Airways, Purification

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The cedar atlas essential oil from Aromen fills your heart with a warm and woodsy scent. Whereas most cedarwood oils have strong notes of rich pine and freshness, atlas cedar has sweet and balsamic undertones that promote grounding. With its strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, atlas cedar is beneficial to soothe acne and irritated skin. In a diffuser, this comforting oil helps reduce the symptoms of airway infections and allergies. Plus, it has a calming effect for those with a worried mind. The cedar atlas essential oil from Aromen is 100% pure and organically certified. • Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory • Soothes irritated and red skin • Reduces allergy-related symptoms