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Aufguss Experience MasterClass 2

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LoylyMasters Experience Masterclass (Edition 1)

Come together with your fellow aufgussmasters to get inspired, share knowledge and deepen your rituals through great stories.

During this Experience Masterclass, we provide you with new, inspiring themes: Africa & Traditional Latvian Pirts.

We indulge you with profound knowledge about cultural rituals, a new insight into the elements and lots of new products or ways to use the products.

After this full-blown inspiration session, we pair you up in groups of 3 to turn all this inspiration into a ritual. This is the perfect opportunity to learn from each other, and get inspired with new input and views on rituals. Together you will discover the products, deepen your ritual and eventually perform for your group of peers.

After each ritual, we share our constructive feedback to improve your skills and feel appreciated for the love you put into it.

This training is all about reaching that higher level as a sauna master. After this Masterclass, you’ll have full knowledge of new cultural rituals, more specific products and you’ll have experienced the most amazing rituals for you to take home to your guests.

Group feeling is key during this training. That’s why we all stay together in the accomodation, where we can network and enjoy each other’s company after a full day of inspiration and creativity.


Price : Education 295€ ex VAT

Overnight and Food 170 € ex VAT


3x overnight stays with breakfast 

During the training days: lunch buffet, coffee, water, tea, fruit and snacks,  simple dinner!

20 hours of training, guided by 2 highly experienced Master trainers Felix and Benoit.

Places are limited to preserve the quality of the course! 

Datum & Tijd
dinsdag februari 28, 2023
Start - 09:00 (Europe/Brussels)
woensdag maart 01, 2023
Einde - 17:00 (Europe/Brussels)

Thermen Bussloo

Krijg de routebeschrijving

Aromen BV

+32 (0) 56907941

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