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Aromen's green logo is more than just a color, it's a philosophy. Let us show you around in our company's efforts to support a healthy environment and give back to nature.  

Green energy

We are proud to be powered by an innovative local energy supplier using biogas. They turn manure and food industry waste into natural fertilizers for the fields as well as bio-energy for households and companies. 

Ecological packaging

We prefer paper, cardboard and glass packaging solutions, whenever possible. 

Its production emits fewer greenhouse gases and they are derived from renewable sources.


We are blessed with nature’s finest products and we love to give back. For each product you buy, we donate one tree to Gate to Nature. Thanks to you, we have already been able to plant 120.000 trees in the Masai Mara in Kenya. 

COSMOS certified

Aromen keeps on innovating and growing. To reassure our customers with the highest standards of products, we have recently received the COSMOS label for our clay cosmetics. We have a strong connection with the COSMOS four core principles.

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A Growing Range of Bio-certified Essential oils  

Wherever possible, we source our essential oils from distillers who are environmentally conscious and ethical. 

Our essential oils from Madagascar are labeled Fair Trade. 

And we are pleased to report that our growth into Bio-certified essential oils is progressing rapidly. 

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Ethical and vigilant essential oil selection  

We purposely exclude several essential oils from our product line due to the detrimental environmental impact of their collection practices. For example: 


Aniba Rosaeodora 

 Although there are a few projects promoting ethical sourcing, illicit logging and over-exploitation of rosewood in tropical forests and grasslands continue to cause significant environmental harm, resulting in a high ecological cost. Rosewood is included in the CITES Appendix II. 


Nardostachys grandiflora

 Habitat loss and overharvesting are the main problems, threatening the survival of the species, the ecosystem's wider biodiversity. Concern regarding these declines led to Jatamansi’s inclusion in CITES Appendix II and the IUCN Red List™ to classify the species as Threatened.

We will only put essential oils like these in our range, if we find a supplier who can guarantee sustainably harvested plant material.

We believe there are always prospects for growth. As a result, we are constantly looking for new methods to contribute to the environment. We would like to learn more about any local green projects you may be aware of.  

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