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Essential Oils & Their uses for a Supercharged Fitness Routine

Part III: Endurance!

Face all red?
Heartbeat pounding through your chest?
Breathing like an old man with asthma?
Feeling the first booboo in your knee?

All beginnings are tough, but we’ve got you covered! Don't forget to read our previous blog on how to use essential oils for a healthy warm-up to avoid problems. 

Carry along a small inhaler with 3 drops of each of these first aid oils: 


  • Energy boost
  • New breath
  •  Stamina
  • Optimism

Scotch pine 

  • Shortness of breath
  •  Stimulating
  • Extra energy
  •  Fatigue 


  • Energy boost
  • Sore and tired body
  • Happy thoughts
  • Endurance

The first ache?

This blend is perfect for cramps, sprains or bruises. Even if you are feeling a bit sore, massage this oil onto the affected area and you’ll get a second breath.

Carry a small roll-on with this First Aid Blend:
  • 8 ml sesame oil
    Deep tissue penetration, anti-inflammatory, pain relief
  • 4 drops of golden everlasting essential oil
    Damage control when injured, pain relief, anti-inflammatory, regenerating, calming, bruises
  • 4 drops of peppermint essential oil
    Pain relief, muscle cramp, cooling, anti-inflammatory
  • 4 drops of Lavandin essential oil
    Anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxant, pain relief, brutal attacks by insects

Just don’t use this oil mixture on open wounds!

Hydrosols to the Rescue

Acting fast gives you a much bigger chance of little to no damage. Want to avoid the distress of fatigue? Nature has got another healthy trick up its sleeve.

Add some hydrosols to your water bottle and never lose the speedy Gonzalez vibe. All you need is:

Both hydrosols increase your energy level and have a cooling effect. Perfect for your training on hot days as well.
Added bonus: it tastes amazing.

Too late and already in the red zone?

 Don’t be shy to splash some of this mixture on your face—instant refreshment and good fun!

Don't forget working out is something to enjoy! Don't over do it and listen to your body. 

Curious about what's next? After all this hard work, you've earned yourself some post-workout Wellness with recipes for scrumptious self-care and for the perfect recovery cold spray. Don't miss it! 

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Essential Oils & their uses for a Supercharged Fitness Routine
Part II: the warm-up!