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Vanilla bourbon - 11ml (BIO)

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Volume : 11ml
Scent Group : Spicy
Good For : Relax, Balance

Our tropical, delicious Vanilla is the queen of Gourmand scents. It sends you to bakery heaven and sparks memories of the loving, warm family times. And if that doesn’t ring a bell, then it sends you straight to the beach with your coconut vanilla sun lotion. Only good things come to mind when smelling Vanilla. The sweet, seductive, rich scent is known to be an aphrodisiac. This oil relaxes you as if you just spent 2 weeks at the beach. Vanilla is surprisingly easy to combine with other oils. If you want to make it lighter and fresher: add citrus or minty oils. Do you want to go all in for a seductive mood, try blending it with florals like ylang ylang.