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Lilac Floral water - 100ml (BIO)

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Volume : 100ml
Good For : Relax, Balance, Airways

The scent of the beautiful Lilac flowers transfers wonderfully into the hydrosol. Its delicate, floral and powdery scent has layers of honey-like sweetness and surprising green freshness. Lilac symbolises youth, spring romance and renewal. 

Originally from Eastern Europe, this beautifully flowering shrub has a long history of treating ailments, from sore muscles and joints to troubled airways. 

Lilac hydrolate is a perfect ally in skin care. It helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. As a true symbol of youthful vitality, it keeps the skin toned and firm. When applying regularly, you’ll see the results in your radiant, healthy-looking skin. 

In general, Lilac hydrosol is a perfect addition to your daily wellbeing ritual since the scent has calming, relaxing effects while still invoking a sensation of sensuality.