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Camomile Floral water - 100ml (BIO)

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Volume : 100ml

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Our Chamomile floral water is calming and soothing for both mind and body. It is known for its Anti-inflammatory effect on sensitive skin. Due to a low pH level, it is astringent and could feel uncomfortable when used pure on dry skin. In such a case, we advise mixing floral water of lavender with floral water of chamomile. Chamomile floral water has a sweet scent with a honey-like apple undertone. Use: mix some drops into mineral water for a calming drink, spray over bedsheets and pillow for a good night sleep, mix into scrub and clay masks, use pure or diluted on the skin. • Botanical name: Aqua Chamaemelum mobile • Origin: Nepal • Part of the plant: flower • Extraction method: steam distillation • Cultivation method: organic *organic certified by Certisys Belgium BE-BIO-01