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Geranium Floral water - 100ml (BIO)

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Volume : 100ml
Good For : Relax, Balance, Purification

Thanks to the high geraniol level this organic geranium hydrosol smells like roses but with a fresher floral tone. It’s perfect to use for hormonal complaints, fatigue and anxiety. Geranium rebalances our state of mind and gives space to completely be yourself. It’s one of the best hydrosols to restore the moisture balance in your skin as well as soften any skin irritation. • Hydrating for any skin type • Tonic for eczema, acne, couperose, itching skin, insect bites and sunburn. • Refreshing for a pale skin • Adstringent and anti-aging • Cooling effect with menopausal hot flashes • Calms an exhausted and fearful mind • Harmonising for hormonal complaints • Supporting healthy weight loss External: • Spray directly on to the skin as tonic, hydration or for itchy skinproblems • Add as a waterphase to your daycream • As an addition to your bath • Spread via the diffuser Internal: • Add 1 tablespoon of hydrosol to a liter of water to support healthy weight loss. • Wonderful addition to cocktails, mocktails, deserts and red berry recipes.