Scotch pine - 100ml (BIO)

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Organic Scots Pine Hydrosol works both fysically and mentally refreshing. The fresh, resinous scent is both attractive to men as women. Purifying, relieves itchy skin and uplifting. Scots Pine deserves a place in your bathroom. • Mentally and fysically refreshing • Creates a fresh complex for a pale skin • Improves circulation and adds oxygen in the skin • Relieves itchy skin • Softens the skin • Painrelief for joints and muscles • Purifying • Broad tonic • Balm for the lungs External: • Spray directly on your skin • Dab onto your skin as tonic • First aid for soar muscle and joint pain. • Addition to bath water • In sauna. Internal: • Add a tablespoon of hydrosol to your waterbottle. Food-grade, 100%natural and pure product, certified organic