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Meadowsweet - 500gr

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Weight : 500gr

The Queen of Meadows steals all hearts with its large, cream-colored flower clusters. She has a fondness for moist places along rivers, ponds, meadows and forests. When you encounter the plant, you are immediately attracted by its rich blossoms, which smell like almonds and honey.

When used as an infusion for Aufguss, the sauna fills with a grassy, sweet and herbal scent. 

Meadowsweet has a rich medicinal and folkloric history. It was the first plant used to make "aspirin." The herb contains analgesic, antipyretic, and purifying effects. 

To properly extract the salicylic acid, steep the infusion with warm but not boiling water. 

Soak the aromatic flowers in vegetable oil to create a deeply relaxing massage oil. 

Use meadowsweet: 

  • in an infusion
  • as a skin lotion to lighten and soften the skin 
  • as a compress or massage oil to relax muscles
  • as a fragrant infusion to pour on in the sauna

Avoid drinking meadowsweet in cases of hypersensitivity to salicylates and aspirin.