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Red clay - 500gr

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Weight : 500gr

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Clay is particularly rich in minerals that stimulate the skin’s metabolism. Its atomic composition removes impurities, toxins, and excess sebum from the skin. The clay not only purifies but also provides the skin with the necessary minerals for a good natural effect. Red clay is the most effective of all cosmetic clay to meet the needs of dry skin. The red clay not only has a moisturizing effect but also stimulates blood flow. The red clay owes its specific color to a high concentration of iron oxide. Red clay is ideal for preparing face and body masks. Apply once a week for dry skin. Mix the clay with water, or with floral water to give the mask even more benefits. Apply the mask to clean skin and let it rest for 3-7 minutes. Rinse the skin and apply floral water. Finish applying hydration based on the skin type. • Origin: France