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Esential Oils & their use for a Supercharged fitness routine

Part II: the warm-up!

In part I we've used the help of essential oils to get your motivation up. 

Now that your beast mode is activated and you’re ready to start your workout don’t forget to prep your body.

Focus points are:

  • Blood and lymph flow
  • Warming of the muscles and the joints
  • Deepening the breath
  • Mental focus


Get your blood flowing with your own massage oil. 

Get going

50 ml of sesame oil
Penetrates deep into the muscles and connective tissues

10 drops of ginger essential oil
Improves circulation, supple muscles, prevents cramping, prevents overstressing and injury

10 drops of rosemary essential oil
Enhances blood flow to feel more powerful, gives energy and stamina

10 drops of black pepper essential oil
Stimulating, stamina enhancing, warming, top functioning muscles

10 drops of lavandin essential oil
Injury prevention, greater flexibility, and supplenes.

Rub the area you’ll be emphasizing the most with this blend to reach your best performance and minimize your chance of injury.

An extra tip: while massaging, emphasize pressure towards your heart and release pressure towards your extremities. In that way, you improve the natural blood and lymph flow.

Want a complete back-to-nature experience?

When you’re still scrumptiously warm and cosy from sleeping, walk barefoot in a little circle on the dew-covered grass.
Take some deep breaths and enjoy feeling alive! Slip into your warm socks and start the day without drying your feet.
This addictive feeling is an incredible boost for your immune system and blood flow!

Ok, only one thing left: put on your tiger-activating playlist and let’s go!

Watch out for next week's Blog: Essential oils for Endurance! To keep the good vibes going!

Essential Oils and Their Uses For A Supercharged Fitness Routine!
Part 1 - Motivation!