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Essential Oils and Their Uses For A Supercharged Fitness Routine!

Part 1 - Motivation!

Ready to supercharge you​r fitness routine in 2023? Explore these essential oils and​ their uses to take your workouts to the next level!

I’m going to show you how to nurture your body and mind while you begin to run, get into fitness or participate in a group sport.
However you choose to stay fit, essential oils, hydrosols and carrier oils are valuable tools to stimulate you.
We want to help you reach your goal of a healthy lifestyle! Let’s have some fun on our way there!
Instead of seeing your workout as a new addition to your ‘to do list,’ make it some quality ‘me’ time.

Natural products, time spent in nature, focusing on your breathing, feeling the full power of your body…sounds empowering, right?

Let’s get started!

What to expect:

  • Essential oils for motivation
  •  Essential oils for your warm-up
  • Essential oils for endurance
  • Post-workout wellness
  • Essential oils for recovery

We'll post a chapter each week! 
Don’t skip any item if you don’t want to miss the recipes!

Essential Oils For Motivation

Some days you’ll get up and feel like tackling the world. Other days, you might be dragging your feet to get your workout going. Building a new routine takes around 66 days to become a habit. Discover the essential oils and their uses that will make those 66 days fly by like an arrow.
Pre-workout essentials to lift the spirit:

Black spruce

Refreshing and uplifting
Relaxes the mind
Calm focus
tonic for the lungs

Cedar atlas 

Boost of energy
Invigorating for body and mind

Lemon & Grapefruit

Stimulating Reduces mental and physical fatigue
Improves self-love
Adds a little sparkle to life


Stimulates the winner’s attitude
General tonic
Warming body and mind
Gets the blood flow going

Focus blend 

Not in the mood for mixing your oils? Try the FOCUS blend.

Rosemary and peppermint are both energising and balancing for mind and body. You will feel more productive and get the workout done smoothly.

Sniff away, because in the next blog, we get going with the essential oils for our warm-up! Don't miss it! 

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