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Level 1: Smoking Rituals in the sauna

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Level 1: Smoking rituals in the sauna

This course will provide you with an in-depth knowledge of how to integrate incense rituals into your sauna ritual.

We look forward to sharing our knowledge of burning resins and gums (incense, amber, copal, gugul,...), woods (palo santo, cedar, willow, yerba santa...), herbs and spices and how they have been part of spiritual and religious rituals for thousands of years.


Day 1: 8h30- 17h:

History of the smoke ritual (origin, spirituality, economic factor)

Health and smoke (incense as medicine, contraindications)

Methods of burning herbs (powder, cones, charcoal, fresh plants, etc.)

- Composition of fragrances

- Aromatic herbs (herbs, woods, resins, seeds)


- Smoke burning of resins, woods, flowers, leaves, etc.

-Making your own incense sticks

Day 2: 8h30- 17h

- The power of ritual

- Recipes & rituals

- Practice in the sauna



This course will be held in English. Availability is limited as we want to keep the quality of the course high and educate with personal care. Coursebook available in Dutch, German, Italian or English.


350€ (excl VAT) including digital coursebook, certificate and personal serial code for app.

Entrance to the spa, lunch, water, coffee, tea & fruit during the education
There is a possibility to also do Aufguss next to the education and after, if you are interested in that, please let us know! 

What to bring

Bathrobe, towels, waving towel, aufguss peshtemal or kilt; phone or tablet for installing the app.

More info contact the trainer Felix Reschke: [email protected]


Please note: The course requires a minimum of 6 participants in order to proceed. A confirmation will be sent out one month prior to the course. If the course is cancelled, a full refund will be granted.

Datum & Uhrzeit
Mittwoch April 10, 2024
Start - 09:00 (Europe/Brussels)
Donnerstag April 11, 2024
Ende - 17:00 (Europe/Brussels)

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