GreenSpace diffuser C200

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    Aromen GreenSpace creates a healthy air quality in living -, working- and public spaces, using professional diffusers and aromatic blends. The GreenSpace diffuser C200 is user-friendly and comes in a nice design. Once you’ve programmed it, the diffuser functions automatically, thanks to the larger reservoir. The essential oils spread through the air thanks to the newest nano technology. The benefits are a homogenic distribution throughout the space, optimal therapeutic value and economical consumption. The C200 is suited for spaces from 150 m³ up to 200 m³. The C-series represent Compact & Flexible use. - Operates on mains voltage or batteries - Detached or mountable - Automatic set up of programs, using the LED screen Suitable for: office, reception, conference rooms, hotel, restroom, shop & yoga space. The C200 uses an average of 100 ml of essential oil in 20 weeks.